Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Further Thoughts on the Further Thoughts on the Portable Naval Wargame

With the way things have gone today I can only say what a great investment my netbook has been!

I was able today to finalise the first draft of the Portable Naval Wargame rules and tidy up the inevitable ship specifications and so I am reasonably confident that the system will be good to go for the playtest. Initially I had planned to go for a one-on-one type of affair but am now leaning more towards having a couple of ships a side and of varying capabilities. I shall give this some further thought before the weekend.

The one thing that did strike me though is that, inevitably, the system could be extended into WW2 but that obviously a provision would need to be made for aircraft operations. I have a number of ideas for this which I will detail in due course but for now the priority is to get the core surface ship combat mechanics nailed down before I start thinking about such things as carrier strikes.

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