Tuesday 28 June 2011

Listing to Port(able)....

Work on the ship lists for the Portable Naval Wargame continues apace. I have managed to format the entire document and incorporated the updated Mediterranean lists into the older DBSA version and so it now merely changing over the factors to bring the whole selection into line with my current thinking and, of course, the new rules.

It has given me the opportunity to refine some of the factors in the interests of consistency and so the end product will be as up to date and as accurate as I am able to make it. I do not own many of the fleets I have listed in this fashion, in fact I have no intention of owning a couple of them, and so a number of the factors I have used will be untested.

Aside from the planned nationalities I had in mind I will also look to include Spain and the major South American powers, possibly with the Scandinavian countries as well but it will depend on the data I can find.

I am enjoying this process enormously as it has been very much a case of completing a long unfinished task. Once ready the resultant list will be a good reference point for my own use for all of my various naval adventures - planned or otherwise. A welcome distraction then and very useful but with the old caveat of:

"C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas des jeux de guerre"

No prizes for guessing the next 1/3000th Mediterranean fleet for my collection will be then!

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