Tuesday 22 November 2011

Maintaining the Initiative or the Enthusiasm

In order to stoke the fires of my ACW project 'final hurdle' with the ships I have decided to run a block based ACW land action at the weekend. This will be a first for me as I have not run an ACW game in any shape of form (other than via Battle Cry) at home. I could just as easily use Battle Cry rather than the blocks but that kind of defeats the object of having them somewhat. I may use a Battle Cry scenario though as it will be interesting to see how they work out using blocks rather than figures togther with the Portable War Game system rather than the game rules.

Alternatively I may just set up a hypothetical action and have done with it! I have a few days to consider what I want to do in any event - and it will give me the opportunity and impetus to finish typing up the revised play sheet incorporating strength points and exhaustion levels.

With this in mind I have decided that I want to get into the habit of ensuring that I play at least one game week if possible. This will be in addition to a monthly visit to the club (something I have been somewhat negligent of lately!). It is a lofty (no pun intended!) ideal to be sure but one I should aspire to in order to maximise the use of the new den. Having the use of fast play game rules is a must then as I want to make the most efficient use of my time 'upstairs'!

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