Tuesday 8 November 2011

Perry Plastic 28mm ACW Zouaves

I picked up a box of these at lunchtime today from the Orc's Nest in the West End. I will report in full with pictures etc in due course but in the meantime suffice it to say they are absolutely gorgeous! The strangest thing is that I am really looking forward to painting these - a feeling I have not had since reading Charge! for the first time way back in the early 70s!

The Fezian army will look suitably imposing with this little lot for sure - especially once I start adding the extra types to the collection - 1882 Perry Egyptian artillery as well as some of the command types. Assuming the plastic ACW cavalry riders can take a fez then that will be the mounted arm taken care of as well!

Happy days indeed.


Colonel Shofer said...

Hi :)

I like them too :)


Bet you have them painted before I do :)



David Crook said...

Hi Col Shofer,

I will take a look at your blog so many thanks for the heads up.

I doubt very much if I will have them painted before you do - my speed with a brush can generously be described as 'stately'....;-)

All the best,