Tuesday 1 November 2011

Y Viva Espana!....Parte Dos

Not much going on yesterday evening other than to mark up the bases for the Spanish Civil War ships using artist's mounting board. I shall cut these out and clean the models up over the next couple of days prior to the paint job. This 'curve ball' mini project will not take very long to complete and to be honest the main reason for pushing ahead with at the expense of the more established items on my 'to do' list is because it will provide a welcome distraction and will also expand my naval gaming period coverage to an extent.

I already have the flags for use on the model bases and will spend some time drafting up the ship name labels as well. The entire set up only consists of some 30 odd models of which 22 are destroyers and they are very quick to paint.

It might also nudge me to complete the Atlantic Convoy kit I have acquired in the shape of the dozen assorted merchantmen. Of course that will mean I will need to tackle the escorts and the U Boats but even for me they are hardly a challenge to paint as they are even smaller than the destroyers!

Should I opt to do this then it will mean that I shall have a gaming exposure to each period of naval history from the pre dreadnought era up to WW2 all in 1/3000th.

I hadn't thought of in that way before....

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