Friday 11 November 2011

***NEWSFLASH***....Great Battle fought in Fezia....Czar and Sultan at Odds....Forbodian Denial of any Complicity....


Reports have reached the International desk of this journal describing a great battle fought two days ago at an as yet undisclosed location in Fezia, a short distance from the border between Fezia and Forbodia. Details of this engagement are both contradictory and fragmentary at the present time but early indications are that the armed forces of Rusland and Fezia were involved and that some loss of life was incurred. The Forbidian ambassador will be making a statement in due course and our sources have confirmed independently that the armed forces of Forbodia were not involved in the fighting and that it was strictly a Rusland and Fezian affair.

Further details will be made available when known and if necessary via the publication of a special edition.

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