Monday 14 November 2011

A Sudden Flash of Realisation....

One of the great things in my life at the moment is having my 'den' fully set up as I want and thereby having the ability to be able to set up and have a game away from the usual domestic hurly-burly. Being able to have a game, leave it set up if unfinished or even if it is finished and merely needs packing away is such a libertaing experience as I no longer have to have an eye on the clock. As I pondered the game of yesterday (Keder Sirt part 2 if you like) it suddenly struck me that I had managed to fight two wargames within the space of a week at an expenditure of (in total) five hours of 'loft time' (i.e. the time in my loft fighting the battles). The use of the blocks and grid based rule systems has certainly helped in this regards - together with some really nifty rule sets.

This is heady stuff and it has served to remind me of a couple of things I need to tackle with some urgency.

Firstly, my gaming table is ever so slightly too small and so I shall be acquiring a piece of 5ft by 3ft 10mm plywood this weekend in order to overlay the exisiting 5ft by 30". I really need to have the extra 6" (Oooooooh….Matron!!!) so that I can set up my Hexon on a 12 hex x 9 basis. This in turn means that my idea for a plot map for operational games will now be extended to 36 x 36 hexes or 12 'tables' worth. The 12 x 9 table top size fits better with the Hexon tiles as the standard tile size is 3 hexes by 2 or 18 such tiles deployed in three columns of 6 tiles each.

Secondly, I need to get the rest of the blocks labelled as soon as possible - I have the Khaki set to do and then the ID numbers need to be added. The result of this will be the ability to game whatever horse and musket, or 20th century campaign want to at a stroke!

Thirdly, the Portable Naval Wargame - with rule mechanics virtually identical to the land version - needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. I have a couple of home grown sets that are very good and usuable but they are not in the same league as the elegant simplicity of the land based versions. In the interests of consistency I need to translate this into a naval set - and this will mean looking at the whole subject from a fresh perspective, unfettered by largely redundant detail.

Finally, and this will be a priority. I need to acquire the final pieces of terrain for my Hexon set up. Luckily SWMBO has been making Xmas prezzie type noises so I hope to take suitable advantage of this!

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