Monday 9 April 2018

Finished at last....and a reward

Sadly that does not refer to any of my gaming projects - rather it is the grand bedroom swap that has been underway for the last three weekends.

I will not bore you with all the details but suffice it to say weekend one was buying all the material required and starting the furniture merry-go-round. Weekend two - the Easter long weekend - was the preparation, filling and decorating and finally, the weekend just gone, saw the newly acquired Ikea units assembled, the rooms organised the new occupants settling in.

Basically my son and daughter have swapped rooms and as a result of this I have gained a new table and an additional shelf for my storage units in the man cave whilst losing a small cupboard.

I am pleased we have finished it all and so it means I can get back to something like normality - especially some gaming related items that I simply have not had the time to do.

Mention of the small cupboard I lost and the table I gained in the man cave is quite significant because the cupboard (which is now in son's bedroom) has now taken quite of bit of 'stuff' out of its sister unit downstairs - the contents of which were my grandsons (it was his toy cupboard for when he visits). This means that I can move some of my modelling/painting kit downstairs so it is far more readily available.

The table I gained for the man cave will replace the 3ft by 2ft fold up table that I was using as a painting station but it was really a little on the small side. the foldable table will be relocated downstairs and used when needed for painting.

I am really pleased about the final outcome of all this household manoeuvring as I can, at last, get on with some stuff without having to decamp to the loft (domestic harmony of course being all important....). The man cave will of course continue to be the main point of storage for my stuff and the solo games I will be fighting.

The only other news I have is something I never thought I would do....


(Well I deserve a treat for all the domestic upheaval of recent weeks!)

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