Friday 11 September 2009

An Academic Diversion

Time has finally caught up with me and at last the start of my college course looms large on the horizon. It is only one night a week for eleven weeks but there will be the inevitable assignments etc to be completed so my gaming time will be reduced over the next quarter. I still intend visiting the club and a number of small projects may be wheeled out over the period but nothing on a large scale. I have also received the first half of my history course which will provide some welcome distraction - the first part covers Tsarist Russia from 1850 until 1917 and the second is Britain and Appeasement 1919 to 1940. Both of these will be interesting as I have covered some of the military side of these periods of history so it will be good to get the social and political background to round out my knowledge.

I will continue to post to the blog so service will be as normal in that regard - the boot sale season will be coming to a close in about 6 weeks or so - and I will probably start to report a little more on the games at my club. Rest assured though, the content will continue to be varied but will certainly never be dull!


Paul O'G said...

Well your course sound very interesting indeed, the Russian one especially as it will cover the Russo-Turkish wars and the situation in the East with Japan. Knowing you this will provike a couple of great articles and more modelling!

Good Luck mate

David Crook said...

Cheers old boy! Given your own recent immersion in the world of study your support is most welcome! Certainly it will be a good excuse to look at the Russo - Turkish/Japanese conflicts in more detail - like I would need an excuse anyway........;-)