Monday 7 September 2009

Serbs in the Balkan Wars

I note from the Irregular Miniatures website that the Serbian range for the Balkan Wars is now complete. This is becoming way too tempting......;-)

The thing is though, I still really need to get a copy of Defeat in Detail - The Ottoman Army in the Balkan Wars as this is going to be pretty much the definitive work on the subject (at least until the next such title comes out!) and as such will be essential reading. I can only hope that my subtle plan of hint dropping for my upcoming birthday does not go unnoticed.....;-)

The picture is of the Irregular 15mm Turkish Infantry - no doubt getting ready to repel yet another Bulgarian assault!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Your are weakening! Repeat to yourself 'I will not buy them. I will not buy them. I will not buy them ... today. I will not buy them ... this week. I will not buy them ... this month. S*d it! Where is the order form and cheque book?'

David Crook said...

I am considering selling some body parts to finance the deal - your Balkan Wars rules or WEC will be the preferred choice as and when I get my act together!

Resistance is futile...........