Tuesday 22 September 2009

The Pen is Mightier than the Dice........

........Well it will be for a while now as tonight sees my first session at college where I am studying my 'Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector (City and Guilds 7303)' course. As already mentioned, I am also studying a History A Level and will hopefully be taking my Certificate in Teaching next year. All this means busy times ahead with the ultimate prize being a new career in Adult Education. I am itching to get started and will welcome the intellectual challenge this will bring. I will not be abandoning my gaming and modelling activities - far from it - but it will mean that I will need to focus on self contained 'pick-up-and-go' games and rules etc. This means that I will be using that which I have in the collection that is ready to use at the drop of a hat. The immediate list of such things is:

1. Axis and Allies: war at Sea
2. Space Hulk and Space Hive - the rules set I have mentioned previously
3. The Balkan and Black Sea WW1 fleets
4. Ludus Gladiatorious - I have both sets of this
5. A number of boardgames I have - Napoleon, Russian Campaign and Jutland are a few that would be eligible.

Painting wise I have a great excuse to concentrate on low intensity projects - I think that my Ottoman Dirigible Fleet will need to be included in this; as will the refurbishment of the Terminator marines. I cannot see any armies being started as such; perhaps some 2mm bits if the mood takes me and the time is available. I also have a couple of writing projects on the go which I will also need to find time for.

I will making sure that the blog gets a regular entry of some description or another - as Bob Cordery, Tas and others have pointed out - a blog is a great self motivational tool as the encouragement and inspiration received from others provides a welcome spur to the completion of a project.

All in all then, and for the immediate future, the pen (or more accurately the keyboard!) will of necessity be mightier than than the dice and probably the paintbrush!


Donogh said...

Best of luck (on all fronts)
Look forward to seeing some of these projects come to life

David Crook said...

Many thanks Donogh. I must admit that I am looking forward to all of it really - having been unemployed for six months now having a focus of effort is just what the doctor ordered. At last I feel like I have a degree of control back in my life!

Progress re the projects etc will of course be reported here so, watch this space!

Paul O'G said...

I second the Honouable Member for Raleigh's proposition to concentrate on the Ottoman dirigibiles! Hear Hear!

Or perhaps we can look forward to some more thematic fiction such as your Arabian Campaign?

One things for sure, it wont be dull around here!

David Crook said...

The Ottoman dig fleet should not really take too long once I get to it - I need to drill out the mast holes and then the painting can commence. As models go they are easier to paint than aeronefs.

Ahh! The Arabian Campaign.......I have fond memories of scribbling that little lot and should really pick it up again - especially as the Land Ironclads Arab Revolt type campaign would fit very nicely into it as a 'sideshow of a sideshow'. It means I will have to tackle the RNAS Red Sea squadron as well as th naval elements. Bring it on I say! Somebody mention Aquanef.......?