Friday 11 September 2009

An Example of a Mini Project

Readers of the blog will no doubt be aware of my fondness for the GW game Space Hulk and how pleased I was to be reacquainted with my 20 year old collection. After a couple of fun games at the club it did not take much to persuade me that this set up needed to be brought up to date and given a makeover. With this in mind (and bearing in mind that I also have an untouched copy of Tyranid Attack) I decided to see what I could pick up cheaply off of ebay to modernise the collection. I should also point out that I recently discovered a really good set of grid based sci fi rules called Space Hive on the website. These are, for want of a better expression, a more normal set of sci fi rules and less like the usual GW fare. In fact, they could just as easily be used for modern skirmishes in any kind of close, urban style terrain. In fact, the use of these rules has really been a major driver in my revamp plans for this set up.

My search on ebay gave me quite a shock as original first edition sets of Space Hulk are going for quite a price (averaging around the £40 to £50 level), not doubt influenced by the recent launch of the third edition, so I was very pleased to acquire a set for £25. Aside from the third set of floor tiles and doors etc in the game I now have another 20 genestealers and 10 marines. My plan is to make another marine force, identical in composition to my original set up, but in another paint scheme. Fourteen extra marines and a marine librarian would not be the same size (the original force is 23 models strong) so I had to have a minor reorganisation and took some of the original figures (two assault cannons and a flamer) and added them to the as yet unpainted force. I really had no choice about this as the assault cannons would not be easily replicated hence the repaint decision. The first phase of this was to remove them from their bases as these had been sanded and varnished. This was accomplished without too many dramas and so I now have a force of 17 marines awaiting undercoating and the brushwork.

I am classing this as a mini project simply because painting these models will be neither difficult or time consuming and the practical advantages of having an extra force at my disposal will yield many benefits - not the least of which will be the ability to have marine versus marine actions.

Colour scheme wise I expect these will be in a mid blue shade with some transfers on the shoulder pads for effect. Simple but effective.

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