Saturday 19 September 2009

Axis and Allies: War at Sea Campaign Ideas

My earlier post concerning Axis and Allies: War at Sea had the effect of getting me reaching for my folder of ideas for this game from a mini campaign perspective. The tactical rules are simple enough for a good game that can be fought to a conclusion on a usual club night - hence the attraction for me. Between myself and Mr Fox we can field some very respectable sized fleets with all the trimmings of air power etc. I have run a mini campaign based on the Bismarck affair in the past that was very well received although the campaign map movement needed some clarification. With this in mind I am planning to use a version of the approach used by Frank Chadwick in his Command Decision WW2 rules. In this, the area of operations was reduced in scale to cover a couple of tabletops. This may sound extreme but he very successfully adapted Operation Barbarossa using this method. I have a number of WW2 naval mini campaigns in mind using this method (it certainly eases the pressure on the umpire and cuts down on a lot of paperwork) as follows:

1. Arctic Convoys
2. Malta Convoys
3. Japan in the Indian Ocean
4. Guadalcanal
5. The RN in the Far East East 1944/45
6. North Atlantic Breakout revisited.

Plenty of scope for actions with that little lot and the beauty of it is that the only work needed is sitting down and designing the set up - everything else is ready so no late nights painting kit for a game the next day!


Paul O'G said...

CVhadwick's reduced scale campaign indeed worked very well. I know you are focuing on areas where you have odels, but one of the most underdone naval campaigns of WW@ in my opinion is very early med with a big gun Vichy France fleet on the loose too - many possibilities!

David Crook said...

Thats very true re the Vichy stuff - sadly I disposed of my French Fleet although to be honest, the selection of models available for them is a little on the thin side! Still plenty of gaming to had with what is available though......grinning maniacally..........:-)