Monday 28 September 2009

Lepanto - 1915

This Wednesday evening at the club will see Mr Fox and myself exchanging salvos across the tabletop in a naval action set in 1915 close to the scene of the great battle of Lepanto, 1571. The Turks will be taking on a combined Austro-Hungarian and Italian Fleet using my own 'soon-to-be-abandoned-and-replaced-with-something-that-will-probably-need-as-much-tinkering-with-as-its-predecessor' set of DBSA based WW1 naval rules. I will report on the action in due course but in the meantime I will be cranking out a revised play sheet for the game which incorporates some nifty amendments so the action will have elements of a play test about it.

The change to the action came about as a result of a throwaway comment by Mr Fox whom had just finished reading Roger Crowley's Empires of the Sea - The Final Battle for the Mediterranean 1521-1580. No prizes for guessing where the inspiration came for the game then!


Paul O'G said...

Good luck Commodore!

David Crook said...

Many thanks old boy! It should be a good game if only because I think I may have finally cracked the rules - Huzzah!!