Wednesday 30 September 2009

Lepanto - 1915 Part 2

Tonight sees the action described earlier with the Turks exchanging blows with a combined Austro Hungarian and Italian fleet. The rules I will be using for this are yet another version of the DBSA WW1 gridded set I have been experimenting with. I must confess to having second thoughts about my decision to abandon these simply because I have had a radical idea as to how to solve the diagonal situation when using a square grid. In a nutshell there will be no pure diagonal moves at all. What will happen though is that turning includes a displacement by a square so the effect is similar to a diagonal move. This probably sounds more complex than it is and I shall try to incorporate a diagram in the revised set showing what I mean. Ships must also complete turns within the move so there will be no carrying over a turn to the next go. I am really excited about this and hope that it works in practice.

I have also dispensed with move and turning related dice rolls and have simplified firing as when calculating ranges the firing player is allowed to count one diagonal square to the target with the rest being orthogonal. Again, this will make more sense when explained with he aid of a diagram.

I shall try to get some pictures for the blog with a report of the action for tomorrow.


SteelonSand said...

Hey Ogre, sounds really interesting; however - "Diagonal" I get, but "Orthoganal"? - please include an idiot's guide for the likes of me when you do your report, oh, and lots of photos please!

Cheers, SteelonSand.

David Crook said...

Orthogonal in this context is moving from square to square across the flat side rather than diagonal. No pictures I am afraid - the camera is not up to the lighting at the club, together with a dark cloth it is not easy to photograph. The after action summary will follow later today though.