Friday 18 September 2009

Terminator Marines - dont you just love em!! Part 3

As these are currently under the brush (at least the blue marines are - the red versions will follow once these are finished) I thought it would be a good idea to describe my painting process. After the customary wash with detergent I gave the models a spray white undercoat using Halfords White Primer. Once dry I painted the model overall in Humbrol Matt 109 WW1 Air Force Blue. After this I gave the figures an overall wash with GW Blue Ink. I then dry brushed the models with the Humbrol Blue for the highlights. I have just finished painting the weapons and the breastplate eagle in Humbrol Matt 33 Black. I will dry brush the metallics over this - the gold and gunmetal from the GW acrylics range (not sure of the names of these without checking in the paint box). I have not made the transition to acrylics and most of my painting is still firmly rooted in enamels although I always use acrylic metals - simply because varnish does not seem to 'lift' the colour. I am still sorting out transfers for the models and I will of course remember to put some gloss varnish on the location of the transfer so that when applied and varnished over the 'surround' disappears. Bases will be PVA-ed and then dipped in two coats of fine sand (I still have the pot of sand that the original red marines were based with - now some 20 years old!) which will be dry brushed in a lighter shade and varnished again for protection.

I am hoping to have the blue marines ready by next weekend with the makeover on the red versions taking place after that. They will not take as long (which is just as well with college starting next week!) so I should have both forces ready within the next couple of weeks all being well.


Paul O'G said...

Sounds like you are going great guns on the new squad - looking forward to seeing them!

David Crook said...

I must confess that I have thus far enjoyed the painting more han I would usually. It is also a nice fill in prior to college as well as the rigours of Tsarist Russia! No flesh or cloth to paint so this is a walk in the park.....;-)