Friday 18 September 2009

Terminator Marines - dont you just love em!! Part 2

You mat recall that I mentioned I would be giving the Terminator marines something of a makeover in order to freshen them up, as well as painting up another force of a similar size in a different colour scheme. I have now decided on the approach I shall be taking with this. The red marines will have the chest eagle changed to gold and the command figures (sergeants, captain and librarian) will have some gold trim to the shoulder pads in order to make them stand out. The weapons will also have a spruce up and will gain some transfers for effect - I have some US air force ordinance decals that will look good - warning triangles and such like.

The second force have blue as their main colour and gold for the eagle and command trim. The two forces are not designed as chapter specific although the red marines are closest to the Blood Angels. i did not bother to strip the paint from the two assault cannon and single flamer marine I needed for the blue force - sadly it has covered the detail somewhat - as I could not remember what I painted them with originally - was it enamel or acrylic? They also had a generous coat of gloss and matt varnish so I doubt if I could have shifted it with anything in any event. The assault cannon marines are not too bad but the flamer is the worst affected. He is OK at table ranges but not so great when viewed in close up. Still, I suppose being a plastic figure next to a flamer is bound to have some detrimental effect.....;-)

The final part of this revamp will be the construction of a pair of remote sentry guns (as seen in Aliens - the special edition) as I think they are a really good idea and add a little extra to the marines armoury as well as another tactical option. I have some ideas about the rules for using these weapons but I really want to add a little uncertainty as to ammunition used; thereby giving the alien player something to think about. I have raided the spares box for some suitable bits for the models and am pretty much at the construction phase for these.

All in all then, it has thus far been a pleasant diversion and just the thing I needed before the serious business of college and studying intervenes.


Steve said...

Whilst it has its side effects and needs to be treated as the toxic substance it is, I've found brake fluid pretty good at shifting anything paint wise (and pretty cheap).

Some people swear by Dettol which I haven't tried.

David Crook said...

I may give that a spin although not with this lot. On a separate note though I am keen to try out the Army Painter gloop. This little project has been quite good fun and, unusually for me, I have actually enjoyed the painting!