Monday 1 October 2018

In the cold, grey wastes of the North Atlantic....Part 2

Now that is what you call service! I placed my order for the 1:4800th scale ships with MY Miniatures last Thursday evening and they arrived this morning. I am very pleased with this - not only for the turnaround and cost - as it maintains the momentum of the project. It has also presented me with a rather delicious dilemma, one that called for a further change to my WW2 North Atlantic 1941 project.

My plan originally was to use the vessels from Axis and Allies and to supplement them, originally with 1:3000th models as the ship sizes are all over the place,  ranging from 1:2400th for the destroyers to 1:4250ish for the capital ships. I tried using 1:3000th alongside the capital ships but they still look wrong hence my decision to look at 1:4800th and I am very pleased I did. They are ideal for what I want to do and have the huge advantage of not only being very reasonably priced but are also quite recognisable as the types they are representing. Detail-wise they are quite basic and so should be treated as, in effect, 3 D gaming pieces. Painting will be a breeze although I suspect I will need to order in some bases.

Of the Axis and Allies ships the only types that are close to an accepted scale are the destroyers which come in at 1:2400th. However, the vast array of merchantmen will certainly be usable in the 1:4800th world I find myself in.

There are more detailed models available in this scale with a corresponding increases in cost. C in C and Shapeways feature 1:4800th models but not only are they very detailed but they are not cheap.
The relatively basic models from MY Miniatures will suffice for me and I am looking forward to getting them under the brush and on the table.

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