Sunday 7 April 2013

Big decisions over Little Models

A Panzerschiffe 1/2400th Moltke class German Battle Cruiser - at  US$4 a go that is not bad and stylistically, they fit the Stonewall range very nicely.

One of the problems I have run up against in connection with my decision to use 1/24ooth scale models for my WW1 and WW2 gaming is the old chestnut of model availability. There is plenty of choice for some very nice models - by which I mean C in C, Viking Forge and GHQ as well as the budget end via Stonewall, which is providing the main bulk of what I shall be using.  The first three ranges models are not cheap though and so large quantities of them are for moment beyond my resources. However, the quantity of models available from them appear to pale into insignificance when set against those available from Panzerschiffe in the US of A.

The range available is 1/2400th and the models are made from a grey resin. I have read various reviews of these ships and they range from good to not so good (I read somewhere someone describing them as being carved out of a bar of soap - a little harsh methinks from what I have seen thus far!) but to be honest, whilst they are not (nor, I suspect, are they intended to be) super detailed models they are very effective gaming pieces. Stylistically they fit in very nicely with the look of the Stonewall models so the decision I have taken to make use of some of their range will probably come as no surprise. I need early battle cruisers for both the Fezians and the Ruslanders - 11" gun armed German types and the 'I' Class from the Royal Navy (and the follow on Indefatigables), a selection of the one off Royal Navy battleships, pre-dreadnoughts and in fact, if truth be told, a whole pile of assorted ships from various nations.

Initially though, it will just be the battle cruisers. It has given me much to ponder though in respect of what the final look of the fleets will be.

From the UK there is a US$ 40 minimum order size which conveniently translates into the 10 models I want to get first of all - each being US$4. The order will be placed shortly and I will report back, for the benefit of the non-US readers, in due course.

Many thanks Jeff for the occasional prompt with these models!


Broeders said...

We use 1/3000 which provides much better value (i think). Certainly less than $4 a model!

David Crook said...

Hi Phil,

I used to use 1/3000th a lot but the smaller vessels are simply too small for me these days. 1/2400th seems to have more table top 'prescence' - especially for the older and smaller ships.

1/3000th would be an easier scale for me to use - especially as I only live 45 minutes from Navwar!

Still, that would be too easy!

All the best,


Bluebear Jeff said...

I don't know what your UK access to "civilian" ships is, but if you want to get into "convoys" and "commerce raiding", Panzerschiffe has a number of "Merchant Ship Groups".

At $20 for around 9 ships they are quite reasonable. Here is a link to a group that I got. I chose to paint them rather colorfully. They aren't super detailed but as you suggest, they are great for gaming:

Here is a link to the various "Merchant Ships Groups" that Panzerschiffe has available:

Note too that there are various single merchants on their various warship lists.

-- Jeff

David Crook said...

Hi Jeff,

Stonewall do similar deal for civilian ships in their range over this side of the pond. You can even get a model of the San Demetrio!

I liked your RJW kit - and that was a major decider for me in choosing to use them.

All the best,


Peter Douglas said...


I use Panzerschiffe models for my WW2 merchantmen and transports. They are cleanly cast, if a little blocky but serve valiantly. You cannot beat either the cost or the size of the range.

I use mostly GHQ for the naval ships and these are beautiful. I also have a few CinC which are nice, but not as detailed as GHQ. However, if I wanted bigger fleets I'd have gone a similar route as what you've done.

Also being resin, I think that you can easily mount masts with aid of a pin vice - this would greatly improve the visuals.

FYI My old WW1 fleets are 1:3000 - and I much prefer the GHQs


David Crook said...

Hi Peter,

On this side of the pond having access to the Stonewall range is a godsend. They are certainly not in the league of C in C or GHQ but as gaming pieces they are fine. The cost is also a major consideration because you can pick a 1/2400th scale dreadnought for a quarter of the price of one of the others. Given my current employment status that is a big consideration.

Luckily Stonewall have a big range of merchantmen (big enough for what I am likely to need in any event)so I will only be checking picking Panzerschiffe for those models I cannot get from them.

All the best,


Paul O'G said...

I'm still in my 1/1200 vs 1/2400 quandary....its driving me nuts!!!!

David Crook said...

Hi Paul,

I share your pain! It was really decided for me when the whole pile 1/2400th models landed in my lap.

All the best,