Monday 29 April 2013

The Matter of Size Mattering....

I fully intended posting the climax of the battle of Kara Deniz as a single post. Unfortunately, it has gotten so big and involved that it needs to be split into two parts. Ordinarily his would not be a problem but due to the way the narrative has unfolded there are no natural breaks in the text. This has meant that I have had to redraft elements of it and so it will not be appearing just yet.

I will say though, that it was a very good action indeed and enormous fun to fight.

In the  meantime though, I am still looking long and hard at the thorny question of ancient galleys and how best to set up a hexed playing surface. I am not in the position to buy a hex mat so will probably make my own. I have sufficient material available to do this so it is really just a case of getting around to it.

I have also given some further thought to the WW2 aircraft collection and now know what I need to acquire - both for the Middle Eastern project and the Pacific. For the latter I shall be concentrating on the early war period rather than the 1944/45 'Turkey Shoots' so the Japanese the fighters will be the Zero and the Oscar. For the Allies F4 Wildcats, P40s and Brewster Buffalos will be the mounts of choice.

I did have an inkling to tackle the Fleet Air Arm in its various guises over the course of the war - Martlets and Corsairs to begin with - simply because of the variety of potential opponents that could be used on a multi-theatre basis. I will avoid this for the time being though due to the stockpile of other things that would need to be completed first.

I have also been following the various small scale model adventures of a number of gamers across the blog universe with a great deal of interest - these shall remain nameless for the time being - as so I am having a bit of an inspirational moment or two. Should I decide to dabble in a small scale I shall of course report it here and name the guilty parties....;-)


Unknown said...

Now you know what going into another scale means don't you? Buying loads and loads of new mini's. Then you'll have to sell some of what you have to fund and make space for these and, well you know the rest of the story....

Good luck!

David Crook said...

Hi Anne,

Ordinarily I would agree with you - and it has been the bane of my wargaming life for many years! However, in this case terrain will not really be a problem for what I am planning....;-)

All the best,