Tuesday 18 February 2020

Planning a Napoleonic Adventure....Part 13

Highlanders preparing to defend a ridge - note David Chandler’s book The Hundred Days in the background

The joy of hex

The great soak off continues and so last night saw me removing the Old Guard and the line infantry figures from their bases. Currently the Light infantry are in soak and will be replaced this evening by the gun crews and mounted staff before tackling the cavalry - they should be done in three batches worth. This means that all being well by the close of play Sunday everything will be on its new base and ready for painting.

In the meantime I have acquired a selection of hexagons (20 in fact) cut from 18mm thick MDF sized at 100mm across the flat sides which I shall be using for hills. The plan is to paint the sides and roughly a 3 or 4mm perimeter on the top edge in my usual base green colour (Humbrol Satin 131) and I will then apply a sticky label - I have a pack of A4 labels that are perfect for this - with a copy of the gaming mat base colour printed on it. The print can be 'fixed' with a suitable spray so will be protected from wear and tear.

I plan to get some MDF 3mm thick hexes for use as terrain tiles - roads, rivers and similar - and for reasons that will become obvious in due course I need to manufacture a sandpit type tile....


Steve J. said...

Chandler's book is a wonderful read for a Nappies newby like me; just the right level of info and incredibly well written. Looking forward to seeing how you hill come out, as it reminds me they are on my to-do list for use with Bob Cordery's rules.

David Crook said...

Hi Steve J,

That it is old chap, that it is! As a starting point on the battle you would be hard pressed to better it. Obviously there are more detailed accounts but I have a soft spot for Chandler - anyone that can write the Campaigns of Napoleon has my respect!

I shall be working on the hills over the next couple of weeks and I also have some work to do on the tree front.

All the best,