Tuesday 2 February 2021

More on small Buildings

Tumbling Dice 1:600th scale infantry with Lego buildings....

....and the same with Monopoly types 

Whilst playing around with the Lego buildings I also dragged out some of the Tumbling Dice 1:600th scale infantry I have (actually the figures are 4mm rather than the 5mm I reported previously) as well a bag of hard plastic Monopoly buildings I picked up on their own from a boot sale time ago.

Where is all this small scale real estate leading? Well, I have something in mind - not a new project by any means but a reimagined version of an existing one - that requires buildings that are smaller than the tried and tested Town in a Bag types but larger than the Irregular Miniatures 2mm or the Brigade Models 1:1200th scale offerings - lovely as they are.

On another note....

Those wonderful people at Warbases have let me know that my custom order is with the production team and so should be with me in a couple of days. This means that these occasional flights of whimsy will cease as the serious business of ship building resumes.


Steve J. said...

The family have got into Lego during the current lockdown and I too can't help but think how useful the buildings would be for smaller miniatures! Great minds think alike...

David Crook said...

Hello there Steve J,

The current lockdown (as well as the others) has made me look at what I have and how I use it and in many ways through fresh eyes.

With that statement in mind there will be some posts about my block armies in due course - there are a few ideas you have given me!

All the best,