Friday 23 April 2021

There be pirates! (Again....) with Racing Cars?

Just the thing for the aspiring pirate - now where did I put that plank?

 I have been working like the clappers since before 8am this morning poring over and populating some work related spreadsheets. I am now taking my lunch and in order to help my brain recover I thought I would share some pictures of Oak and Iron - the pirate ship board game from Firelock Miniatures and is the nautical tie in with their 28mm skirmish game Blood and Plunder. In truth I had kind of forgotten about this game but am glad to be reacquainted with it. 

It has been tricky to get a hold of and is expensive compared to Black Seas and with fewer models therein.  There are 6 ships in the base game and these are much simpler to put together compared to the Warlord offerings - there is a one piece hull and the masts, complete with moulded on sails and some rather nice self adhesive flags and that is it! None of that intricate gluing, painting, rigging and fiddling about with that one is required to do when assembling the brigs and frigates that come with Black Seas! To be honest though, the Oak and Iron models are pretty basic compared to those from Black Seas but appear to paint up well enough so that will be a good place to start for me methinks before graduating to the ‘big boys ship models’ from Warlord.

The 6 ships from the base game....

....and the accompanying data cards. These are in the same order as the models in the previous picture and for scale purposes the squares you see are 4” across

It is possible to buy additional ships but again, these are not cheap but in the interests of completeness I suspect I shall need to invest in some in due course.

It is a real shame that these models are as expensive as they are as they would be ideal for the Dutch Wars but of course you would need loads of them!

As for the rest of Oak and Iron the components are top notch. I like the card fog banks/islands/rocky outcrops and also the 3ft square gaming mat - which is better quality than the Black Seas version methinks. I am rather spoilt for choice in respect of rules for this project as aside from the Oak and Iron set I also have Peter Pig’s Pieces of Eight, Ganesha Games Galleys and Galleons and finally Mad for War recently published by The League of Augsburg.

For the land side I am equally spoilt for choice in that there is of course the Portable Wargame, Pieces of Eight, HOTT or even something One Hour Wargame based. It will be a while before I can get that organised but at the very least I shall be able to get some pirate ships on the go in true Errol Flynn tradition.

Seat of the pants motor racing - none of that downforce nonsense to worry about and when crowd safety meant a few hay bales....

The racing car part of this post is really to pick your brains with. I am currently watching the John Frankenheimer film Grand Prix starring James Garner. I am a bit of a Formula One fan and really enjoy seeing those old mid 1960s era racing cars doing their stuff. As an aside I also really enjoyed Steve McQueen’s film Le Mans. Does anyone know of a producer of metal cars from that era in say, 1:200th? I seem to recall a motor racing game out some years ago that produced a range of then current F1 cars (this would have been around 1993) as well as a set for the 1950s. I am really looking for the mid 1960s as for the most part the cars all looked the same overall and were not plastered in sponsors logos. I have fond memories of playing Waddington’s Formula One which was an excellent game and one that I need to add to my collection again!

Perhaps I should have word with that very nice Mr Kay at Irregular Miniatures....


David Manley said...

On the racing car game you may be thinking of "Winners Eye View" from SDD. Steve Ward wrote the rules (they are similar to Waddington's "Formula 1" and Avalon Hill's "Speed Circuit". I typed them up for him but lost the files (although I was sent a set of photographs of the pages recently). Steve produced a set of 1980/90s F1 cars as well as some older ones (60s?) in white metal, but I never had any of those.

There a great many STL files for suitable cars from the 30s onwards out there on the internet, I'm tempted to print out a set of Hunt/Lauda era models for my old copy of "Formula 1" (gives me an excuse to have a couple of 6-wheeled Tyrell P34s for Schechter and Dapailler's cars :)

The Jolly Broom Man said...

Oh bugger, I’m really tempted to buy oak and iron. Every month I think right that’s it...I’ve got everything I need now model wise...and then I see something shiny! I’ll hold off for a bit in case you tell me that the game play is awful...fingers crossed.

David Crook said...

Hello there Mr Manley,

I used to really enjoy Formula 1 - it was a great game - and actually had a set of Winner’s Eye View but could never get enough people interested! I would be keen on the 50s and mid 60s - at least you only had the number on the car to worry about!

I would be ingested to see what you print out and will probably now need to watch ‘Rush’ again. Le Mans is a really iconic film but I have not seen the new film about the race.

Many thanks for the email as well - I reckon a quick retype and away we go!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hello there Jolly Broom Man,

The models are not as detailed as those from Black Seas but they are a lot more practical in my opinion. I cannot speak for the game play as yet but it looks like a lot of fun with all the right piratical elements.

You could always use Galleys and Galleons.....:-)

All the best,


Peter Douglas said...


Check this site out.

I did up the 1976 set a few years back
They also do sets for 1962, 1957 and other years. Check other shapeways venders too, I seem to recall Silver Arrows era Auot Unions and the likes.

David Crook said...

Hello there Peter,

There are some wonderful looking bits and pieces there for sure! Back in the day I used to play Waddington’s Formula 1 almost as much as Campaign - even as far as organising a world championship with some friends.

I will take a look at your blogpost so don’t be surprised if you get a belated comment!

All the best,


EB said...

This brings back fond memories of playing F1 with Laurie (Bryson). I never once beat him - how he used to chuckle when he caused me 'tyre wear one, brake wear one'. To this day I firmly believe that he learned to drive his van by playing F1.


David Crook said...

Hello there Iain,

If Laurie had leaned to drive his van from playing F1 that would explain a great many things! I always remember the dreaded ‘spin off, but do not alter gauges’!

I really must track down a copy (no pun intended....).

All the best,