Thursday 28 November 2019

More from Eric’s Collection

A selection of French Demi Brigade infantry from the Minifigs S range I believe and also....

....what look like British Royal Marines.

No prizes for guessing what these are! The RHA's finest.

French Dromedary mounted cavalry for Napoleon's Egyptian campaign

Part of the unpainted 18th collection lead mountain that belonged to Eric was a force he had earmarked as an 18th century Indian army. The original crate consisted primarily of ancient Indian figures and cavalry but the above were recently uncovered by Bill and are now with me for disposal. I was rather taken with the French Demi Brigade infantry - any military figure wearing a Tarleton-style helmet will always get my vote - and the camel riders. I have no idea as to what Eric had planned for this part of his collection although it looks very much like he would have been raising two European forces to go with the hordes of natives. I would not be in the least bit surprised if Bill unearthed a box of elephants at some point as well as some substantial native artillery pieces.

There is also a unit of what look like French Chasseurs a Cheval but sadly I had forgotten to take a picture of them. They also appear to be Minifigs S range.


Ray Rousell said...

More figures!!!
Ta for the dosh!

David Crook said...

Hello Raymondo,

No problem old chap! You should see the 20mm WW2 stuff - that would make your eyes bleed!

All the best,


Vintage Wargaming said...


That silver mesh background to the photos actually makes it very difficult to see them clearly for identification.

Some of them are from the French Revolution and Egypt Range but not all. They don’t still have their codes scratched on the bottom of their bases do they, as this is the best way to identify them. Though often they have been lost if the bases have been filed

In the first photo the top row officers are from the main Napoleonic range – the guys with telescopes are Spanish officers. I can’t see the lines of the DB guys clearly enough to confirm.

On the second picture the eight officers in round hats are marine officers. The standing officer in bicorne is a main Napoleonics one, British line I think. I can’t see the rank and file guys well enough to be sure, I think they may not be the Marines but possibly either Spanish Napoleonic or French Revolution figures.

The French Revolution and Egypt Range is pretty well covered with photos on my Lone S Ranger blog at

If you want to move any of these on let me know

David Crook said...

Hello Vintage Wargaming,

I certainly have a few questions for you - could you email me on

Many thanks in advance and sorry about the table mat backdrop in the pictures!