Friday 22 January 2021

On the Stocks

The start of the hull and casemate. A Jenga block forms the core of the casemate with the four sides made from a craft stick. Copious amounts of glue and sanding then ensue in order to get to the finished shape.

C.S.S. Missouri and....

....a Union City class gunboat

 Whilst waiting for my order from Warbases to arrive I decided to go as far as I could with some of the models I have in mind so that once the bits and pieces arrive I can then finish them easily and quickly. To be honest I could fashion some of the pieces myself but that kind of defeats the object to having the relevant pieces custom cut! 

I am once again taking huge historical liberties in that I am essentially building the Confederate and the two Union vessels to the same core design, hence the three hulls in the picture. The differences will be in the fitting out and the paint job. The two most obvious differences are that the C.S.S. Missouri has but a single funnel and fewer gun ports. She will also be painted in my standard ‘Confederate Armoured Warship Grey’ (Humbrol Matt 140 or Matt Gull Grey in old money) as opposed to the darker shade I use for the Union. I am sure that level of technical and artistic interpretation will do for my collection! The remaining 6 models are all paddle steamers of various styles. I have in mind to tackle some other ships for the ACW but these will be very much on a ‘as and when’ the mood takes basis and will not feature until the Russo Turkish models are completed which of course are next in the running order.

So whilst elements of the build continue work can also carry on with the rules and the associated testing.

This of course also means another game.

Several, in fact....


Jim Walkley said...

Don't you ever pause David? I expect I am not the only one who would say the 'historical liberties' don't matter. I may be the only one who would say that when you play, the ships are magically transformed in your mind's eye into real miniature ships and crews - or something like that. Perhaps I should have a lie down. Jim

David Crook said...

Hi Jim,

I am trying to maintain the momentum of the project whilst I am waiting on the next lot of parts from Warbases so if I pause it will all come to a grinding and ignominious halt!

You are right about the ‘magically transforming’ effect of even quite simple models and to be honest I think that is especially true of naval wargames.

You don’t need a lie down - just embrace the flight of fancy!

All the best,


Ray Rousell said...

Looking great Dave!

David Crook said...

Hello Ray,

They will look a whole lot better when they are finished!

All the best,


Elenderil said...

I'm constantly impressed with your ingenuity in designing and building these ironclads. The fact that they are not strictly accurate doesn't matter a jot they are more than good enough to get a game onto the table with the added satisfaction of being scratch built by your own two hands. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished models.

David Crook said...

Hello there Elenderil,

Thank you old chap! I think making the conscious decision to go down the ‘purely representational’ route rather than the ‘museum quality historically accurate’ one! It certainly made the construction process a whole lot easier!

As fast as I can build them I will get them on the blog and into action!

All the best,


Aly Morrison said...

Looking good David...
For some reason I was quite surprised by the size of the Union City class gunboat...

All the best. Aly

David Crook said...

Hello there Aly,

ll of the models I am building have a very elastic interpretation of scale! They are designed to be purely representational and given that they are used exclusively on a grid it really does not matter.

I have long since given up worrying about it!

I am looking forward to building these and have been fighting off the urge to build a U.S.S. Benton!

All the best,