Monday 13 July 2009

Axis and Allies: War at Sea

Above is the US task Force, based around a couple of carriers and a whole pile of close escort.

This is the Japanese Task Force, again based around a couple of large carriers, some escort carriers and the minor consideration of the Yamato as an AA platform..........;-)

Finally the French, including the incomplete Jean Bart

As readers of the blog may have noticed on previous post I am embarking upon an intended Balkan Wars set up for land actions using Bob Cordery's excellent 'When Empires Clash' rules. These are designed very much with the 'fast-play-ideal-for-club-night-and solo-project' type of action and so are ideal for me and my mini projects. However, as I am still unemployed i need to be very careful with any expenditure and so in order to finance any new acquisitions I need to dispose of items that are surplus to requirements from the existing collection. With this in mind, I am listing on ebay a number of Pacific theatre ships from the War at Sea collectable miniatures game. I started on the Pacific by accident as I had a lot of spare US and Japanese models kicking around and it kind of grew from that. The two fleets (plus the accompanying air groups) look really nice and I am reluctant to part with them although if I retained them then the newer additions to the set up would be another unbearable expense as the Pacific, in my mind, needs a lot more material to game than does the North Atlantic.

I am keeping the Royal Navy, The Germans and the Italians and will add to them when the next release hits the stores later this year - I am especially keen to get Repulse and Renown to be able to re run Operation Seeadler with the right ships!
Should anyone be interested in these fleets (there is also a shed load of aircraft to go with the US and Japanese fleets - 14 bases for the Americans and 22 for the Japanese) then they are listed on ebay under my user id of drcroguejedi and I am happy to answer any questions relating to them.

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