Thursday 2 July 2009

"Some Damned Affair in the Balkans" Part 4

Thus far I have managed to get the Turkish ships up to the 'touch-of-black-paint-in-the-varnish-to-give-a-shading-effect' stage so progress has been pretty good. I shall be finishing them off over the next day or two so they at least should be ready for the weekend. The Greeks have had the base grey and the decks painted so should follow shortly after. I have opted for plain white for the ships boats - probably not entirely accurate for wartime but in this scale they stand out far better. The only snag is that it now means I will have to do the same with the rest of the Balkan fleets!

I need to push on with both these navies new additions as I am itching to start on the Black Sea Russians - they have some really nice ships and the Navwar castings are very nice indeed. The Bogatyr class cruiser is one of the nicest models I have seen in 1/3000.

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