Monday 20 July 2009

Black Sea Fleet Russians Part 4

I know I said these would be finished over the weekend but it will now be tomorrow! lets just say that due to circumstances beyond my control intervened! All I need to do to finish them is the waves, wakes, labels and flags and the fleet is then ready to roll. I have enjoyed the project - the research, reading and model making has been very therapeutic. I now need to organise something in a campaign setting to start getting some return on the labours thus far.

The next nautical adventure will be delayed somewhat as I will be gap filling with a mini project before starting on the Balkan Wars armies. It will be completely different to anything thus far and has come about as a result of unearthing some late 80's castings whilst reorganising my office at home.

More on this mysterious project later.


El Grego said...

You tease us unmercifully, sir!

David Crook said...

I know but it will be worth it!