Friday 24 July 2009

I, Robot............Part 2 (Whoops! I did it again!)

It suddenly occurred to me whilst sorting through the assorted items of 2mm Sci Fi kit from Ground Zero Games, that I had been perhaps a trifle rash in my first rush of enthusiasm to get the project on the table. Not because of the size of the undertaking - more because I had given insufficient thought to the whole subject! The 2mm stuff was originally acquired to make a miniatures based version of the old Steve Jackson board game OGRE (one of my all-time favourites) but was only partially collected i.e. I had some but not all of the items I needed. So, stepping back from the plan slightly i now think that it would be better to to go with the original idea and follow this through with the option of adding the Robots in later. I do not need very much in the way of material to finish off this as a stand alone project - no more than £10 worth of models - and for completeness it would preferable to go down this route as the forces currently at my disposal are a little unbalanced when facing a, for want of a better description, more conventional army level of opposition.

So the Robots will be put to one side for the moment and the extra 2mm stuff ordered so that the original OGRE project can be tackled first. I would not describe this as a U turn in any way shape or form from the original intention - more like an ever so minor adjustment to the plan..........;-)


Paul O'G said...

Dont feel bad matey - such U-turns as standard procedure for me!

David Crook said...

I prefer a subtle deviation in the overall scheme of things rather than U turn! As you know though, the OGRE project is one that has been mooted on numerous occasions in the past so all I am doing is clearing the decks somewhat!