Tuesday 28 July 2009

Thunder Along The Mississippi........Part 4

All the models have been undercoated and the business of finding names for them is underway. The next step will be to put the magnetic paper on the undersides of the bases for storage purposes. Originally I was not going to use the cast seascape bases provided but have decided to go with them after all - otherwise I would be stuck with a pile of metal of which I would have little use. I have also decided to stay with the existing Confederate flag I will be using on the bases so there will be no need to order another version. I must confess that my ignorance on the subject of Confederate flags has been well demonstrated in this respect - the version I am using is a modern composite of what the CSA flag should look like and I am using it for simplicity!

Whilst readying these models I have also been giving some thought to the land dimension - forts, shore batteries and troops etc. I have a plan for this that I will reveal in due course - I just need to make a few enquiries first......;-)


Paul O'G said...

No doubt your proposals will be effective, unusual and frugal - traits at which you admirably excel! Indeed no ACW actions are complete without some littoral componets.

David Crook said...

The problem as I saw it was to produce land scenic stuff in 1/2400 - which is pretty much using troops that are about 1mm high with buildings, forts etc to scale. The terrain would be easy enough to scratchbuild but the troops - 2mm is way to big so I started having a look around to see what I could improvise. My solution is most certainly effective and unusual as well as frugal for good measure. More to follow when I have the mock ups ready......;-)