Friday 10 July 2009

Black Sea Fleet Russians

I managed to get the models undercoated last evening for the Russias and am still pondering not only which shade of grey to use but also what the next opposition will consist of. For the Mediterranean my good friend and long term opponent Neil Fox has both the Austrians and Italians so logic would dictate that the French should be next. The problem is for me with that is that it will need a lot of ships to do it justice -although they do have some truly odd looking ships!

There is also the possibility of a RN Mediterranean squadron which could be fun - lots of pre dreadnoughts and armoured cruisers. Thankfully I dont need to decide just yet as further research will be needed.

The picture is of one of the Russian dreadnoughts - Imperatritsa Mariya - that was built for the Black Sea Fleet. There was three of these and I have all of them - they should give the Yavuz Sultan Selim (ex Goeben) something to think about!

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