Wednesday 8 July 2009

Balkan Intrigues

Now that the Balkan fleets have been 97% finished (more about the 3% later) I am in the position of being able to take stock as to how I want to proceed with them. I intend running a mini campaign at some point - based on the Balkan Wars but with all the new ships involved. I will be using the strategic system from the Great War at Sea: Mediterranean to make the map moves and will then fight the resultant actions using my own DBSA gridded variant. I also plan to write the campaign up in the form of a journal - rather like that which was done to great effect in the Madasahatta campaign in years gone by. I also intend covering the land actions as well - I am currently considering ways to finance the acquisition of the appropriate figures from Irregular Miniatures (short of selling an organ or two!) and some other associated bits and pieces - mainly books.

The 3% mentioned equates to a few more ships needed for completeness. The Greeks will need 6 German built 120 ton torpedo boats, the Bulgarians need a torpedo gunboat whilst the Turks need a class of 8 French built gunboats. These will be small but having gone as far as I have it would be churlish to ignore them!

I shall post further on this project in due course and it will be set up on the blog under a separate heading.

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