Friday 10 July 2009

Black Sea Fleet Russians Part 2

Further progress has been made with the Black Sea Russians this evening - the base grey has been slopped on, to be followed with the first deck coat tomorrow. This is also a 'rough' coat as I then go back over the grey to get the edges tidied up. I then pick out the ships boats where possible and then black wash varnish the whole thing. After this the decks are touched in with the base deck colour as are the ships boats. They, together with the funnel tops (which I paint black), are then given a clear varnish. I use a white undercoat as I cannot get on with black!
Whilst the grey was drying I took the opportunity to type up the ship names for the labels as this will save time later. The plan is to finish them by next weekend which should be easily achievable.
The picture above shows the Black Sea Battleships on a patrol with the Ioann Zlatoust in the van.

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