Wednesday 22 July 2009

I, Robot............

With apologies to both Isaac Asimov and Will Smith - my gap fill mini-project is firmly rooted in my long term passion for matters science fiction related. I have a number of old MJ Figures robots that were produced to support a set of rules called Bad Command from back in the 80s. The rules used the premise that mankind was on the verge of extinction and that the robots had taken over; or rather the computers had, with the use of robots to carry out their plans. The rules were very much a product of the times in my opinion - stuffed full of tables etc - and I doubt I will use them. The models though are a different matter altogether. The robots ranged in size and capabilities from giant three inch high models down to those that are a little over a quarter of an inch. These will form one side whilst my collection of models from Ground Zero Games 2mm range will form the opposition. I have everything I need except for scenery and as I will be cheating and fighting over desert terrain I will need very little of that! Irregular Miniatures produce a couple of Middle Eastern villages and some Sci Fi bases in their 2mm terrain range so that will suffice. Everything will be based on a 40mm frontage and the rules are yet another DBA/HOTT inspired set. It will be fun, fast and furious - a true epic space opera type of set up. I want to get this finished in its entirety before the Balkan Wars kick off properly and I am allowing myself until the end of next month to complete the task.

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