Wednesday 1 July 2009

WW1 Black Sea Russian Navy Part 3

Well I have to say I am staggered! If you recall I was lamenting the fact that I had managed to buy the incorect models for the Lejtenant Pucsin class TBDs for the Black Sea Russian Fleet. I duly returned these to Navwar via the post on Monday morning with a plea to Tony to help with the identification of a suitable replacement. I also supplied Navwar Tony with a copy of a picture of the said TBD from Rene Gregor's book 'The Russian Fleet 1914 to 1917'. Now I could have probably found this out myself eventually so imagine my surprise when an envelope dropped on the mat this morning with not only the replacements but a mini rationale as to why the models in question would be most suitable. The models I shall be using are Japanese Akebono class (circa 1899) as they are virtually identical in this scale. I am really impressed with the service and would wholeheartedly recommend using Navwar for this scale. Three days is outstanding in anybodies book and it will enable me to get the Russians underway much sooner.


El Grego said...

That is first-class service from Navwar - and thanks for sharing the mini replacement info; once my Baltic ships are settled the Black Sea is the next stop.

David Crook said...

At the time of writing I have the Turks finished and the Greeks half done with the Black Sea Russians next. If you need any data for them give me a shout and I will see what I can do. There is an ulterior motive for this - I may need some help with some Baltic stuff!! All the best, Ogre