Thursday 16 July 2009

Black Sea Fleet Russians Part 3

By virtue of some well disciplined application I was able to get the 'edging' finished this evening - the tidying up 'twixt hull, superstructure, turrets and decks so am now back on track to finish them over the weekend. I forgot to mention that previously I had also stuck some magnetic sheet on the underside of each base - this of course being for storage when finished.

The models look very nice and the Novik class DDs look huge and will certainly cause the Turks some problems. Historically they had no answer to them and even with the addition of the RN requisitioned Talisman class they will still be up against it.

My reading of the naval conflict in the Black Sea during WW1 has thus far been limited but there is plenty to provide inspiration for scenarios that are small enough to be easily gameable - both on a club night or as a solo exercise.

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