Tuesday 7 July 2009

Not Quite A Greek Tragedy

I had hoped to have been able to post the pictures of the completed Greek ships today but sadly will be unable to until tomorrow. The reason is that the blue paint I use for the bases (Humbrol Matt 25), being a new tin, did not take very well on the card I use and so a second coat was required. This was duly applied and is drying fine and so tomorrow will see the 'waves, wakes, names and flags' added. In the meantime though I was able to finish the storage for the extra models as well as for the impending Russian fleet. On the subject of the Black Sea Russians I have been able to get the castings cleaned up and stuck on their bases prior to undercoating and painting so the evening has been pretty successful after all.


Paul O'G said...

All good things to those who wait!

David Crook said...

Very true but it did upset my schedule somewhat!Still, they are now finished and I can move on to the Russians.