Thursday 16 July 2009

A Find of Historical Importance

The past few days have been fairly busy in a time consuming kind of fashion but I was able to sneak a visit to the home of my good friend Mr.Fox whilst he is on his annual holiday. Aside from a cup of very good coffee and some quite outstanding aerial photos taken at Duxford the previous weekend (I will try and persuade Mr.Fox to send me a couple to add to the blog) imagine my surprise and unalloyed pleasure when he presented me with a cut out article from an old edition of Wargames Illustrated - being a set of tactical DBA-inspired rules to use with the Balkan Wars - for 15mm figures no less! The rules formed the tactical part of a two part article with the other part (in issue 66) containing a matrix campaign game and a very useful map. The tactical rules were designed by that doyenne of the wargames table: Mr Bob Cordery. These rules were of 1994 vintage but are pretty much complete and need only minor tweaking. Of course it does now present me with a very pleasant problem - do I use these or 'When Empires Clash', or indeed both? I will contact Bob and see how much further light can be shed on these.
To say I was pleased to come across this piece of history would be an understatement and I fully intend laying hold of the other article for completeness - Mr.Fox is already on the case with this. I am also pretty sure that a campaign map appeared in Miniature Wargames at some point although I think it may have been the whole of the Mediterranean.

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