Monday 6 July 2009

'Fifteen men on the Dead Man's chest......'

More from a Boot Sale and welcome on a number of levels - not least of which was the price (£1 for the two) I acquired the two titles pictures above in pristine condition paperback. The whole Pirate thing has always had a fascination for me and the resultant actions are very gameable - if only because you do not need a truckload of kit to game it. A few dozen figures, a couple of buildings and perhaps a representative ship should suffice - any tricorn wearing regulars would suffice for the local garrison and away you go. My interest would be on the land raiding type of action or a small scale naval affair and from a mini campaign or club night activity it has a lot to commend it. Peter Pig carry a large range of 15mm figures as well as 1/450th scale ships and a set of of rules to go with it that cover such combined operations - which are, I believe, gridded. Another project to add to the list but in terms of time and outlay it should be quite inexpensive.
I shall have to dig out my copy of George MacDonald Frasers 'The Pyrates' for additional suitable inspiration................;-)


Paul O'G said...

"Drink and the Devil had done for the rest...yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!" Pirate skirmishing would be a grand old game!

David Crook said...

Pirates would certainly qualify as a credit crunch wargame - I calculated spending £25 maximum and that covers everything I would need - with some optional stuff for good measure!