Monday 9 May 2011

Balkan Intrigues - Toy Soldier Style

I spent some time yesterday evening reacquainting myself with my 15mm Irregular Miniatures Balkan Wars figures that I acquired nearly 18 months ago (see ). The Bulgarians are at the halfway stage in respect of painting (despite the tunic problem!) but I have had a little bit of a rethink about how I shall be finishing them. I have decided to go for a toy soldier style approach - especially now as I shall be representing the armies circa. 1900 rather than for 1912. This will mean I shall be adjusting the painting I have thus far undertaken but this should not be too difficult once I get to it although due to the ACW naval collection this will not be until July at the earliest.

I have opted for the 'Toy Soldier' style for the painting for a number of reasons, the main one being that it looks nice! There is a nice selection of colours on display for the armies which will look suitably impressive - certainly the Turks with red fezzes and dark blue uniforms will look splendid when ready, not to mention the various irregulars I intend raising. Painting in such a style will be easier for me given my aversion to painting anything organic and the figures will look 'bolder' when in action. I may even go for the full on gloss varnish look as well although this will probably play havoc with any photography (at least when I take the pictures that is!). Whether they will fight any better in their brighter plumage is, of course another matter!


Sidney Roundwood said...

Carry on the good work David, I'm following with interest. The Balkan Wars look very interesting, particularly from a small campaign perspective.

Chris said...


I agree with you in al respects. I bought some 40mm Balkan War figures from Irregular last year, and have been undecided as to how to paint them. The toy soldier look sounds just right, especially as I have no other figures painted like that.

Best regards,


David Crook said...

Hi Sidney,

Thankyou very much sir! I have a number of ideas to throw at this project and fully intend spending some of my holiday putting pen to paper - hopefully with the results on this blog in due course. For now though it is a collection of fermenting ideas that are gardually taking shape. The ACW ships must take priority - at least from a painting perspective!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Chris,

I have always fancied a 'toy soldier' style set up but do not have the space, time or money to run to 54mm - even 42mm (although I did unsuccessfully dabble with these a few years back). 15mm is novel for sure but I honestly believe that it would work out quite well. I just need to firm up some uniform details for 1900.

All the best,