Sunday 1 May 2011

A Navy...Going with the Wind....

Well not exactly going with the wind although both the CSS Governor Moore and the CSS Stonewall Jackson were rigged for sail. The first ship, the Governor Moore is a large ship and is the only model thus far to have a double thickness hull. There will be a lot more of these when I tackle the Gulf end of the action and so I was pleased at the way she came out. The Stonewall Jackson is more or less identical in layout although smaller in size and she also only mounted a gun at the rear. Bearing in mind she was fitted out as a ram that is probably no bad thing - at least as far as the gun crew probably thought!

I was not able to model the cotton bales on either of these two for the simple reason that my supply of Milliput (I know, I had spelt it incorrectly in my previous post!) had dried out and was rock solid. The fact that the price ticket on the box still had the name of Beatties on it will give you some idea of exactly how old this must have been!

The final model is another gunboat and is the fourth such model I have in the collection.

These are the final models for the Confederates for this part of the project and I have enjoyed enormously making them. Next up are the three Union timberclads and then it is just a pair of stern wheelers for the Ellet Ram fleet and I am done.


Paul O'G said...

Going with the wind? Frankly my friend, I don't give a damn!

David Crook said...

Great line and a great film as well. I will think about the rest tomorrow because after all, tomorrow is another day!

5 more to go with the hulls for the timberclads cut out and ready.

All the best,