Wednesday 18 May 2011

Entering the Final Straight....ACW Painting Part 6

For a variety of reasons I was unable to make my weekly visit to the club this evening and so I took advantage of the spare couple of hours to tackle some more work on the ACW collection. The first nine models are now at the 'wash and (dry) brush' stage - the flat colours are finished and so it is now just the artistic stuff to take of. At this point in time they look a little plain to be honest but once the finishing up has been taken care of they will soon look much better. I have printed out the name labels and flags and will be chopping out the bases tomorrow evening. Everything is on schedule for the photo shoot for the blog on Friday evening and I can't wait to see them finished!

In addition to the nine Confederate vessels I will be starting the nine Union gunboats as I have decided to really give these a push to try and finish them before I go on holiday.

Originally I had planned to paint the entire collection in four batches but it now looks more like being five - either way and assuming nothing untoward happens, I am aiming to finish the entire collection by the end of June.

That's the plan anyway....;-)

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