Tuesday 17 May 2011

Nazgul Ironclads....ACW Painting Part 5

No, it is not some weird ACW fantasy type game - the Nazgul analogy refers of course to the nine Confederate ironclads currently nearing completion. It has been a pretty productive day all said and done - the painting has moved along very nicely and a couple of ACW admin tasks have been completed and so I am feeling pretty pleased with myself. The ships are now at the hatches and funnels stage which, when completed, means I will be able to move onto the 'artistic' phase. This is the 'black wash and metal dry brush' part of the process which will finish the models off prior to being based on the clear plastic I shall be using.

The admin tasks were all related to the ACW collection - I have finished drawing up the list of names for the model bases and have organised the flags (with grateful thanks to Dave Manley) as well. Finally, I have made start on the additional ship cards to go with Dave Manley's Man 'O War ACW Ironclad variant (which I shall be using with the collection when ready).

I am now looking at having these ready by the weekend - assuming I can achieve this then next week will see the next round of Nazgul ironclads - the nine Union ironclad gunboats - seven city class types, USS Essex and the mighty Benton,


Peter Douglas said...

And do you have the One Ring to bind them?

David Crook said...

Hi Peter,

Just as soon as I can prise it off some pesky hobbit's finger.....Preciosssss!!

All the Best,