Monday 16 May 2011

Brushing Up on the Brushwork....ACW Painting Part 3

As mentioned in my earlier post I spent some time this evening painting the decks on the nine Confederate casemate ironclads. I have managed to put on not one but two coats of Humbrol HC4 Deck Plank. I was a little worried about this tin of paint as the last time it was used was when I painted the Black Sea Russian Fleet and so I was convinced it would a congealed lump in the bottom of the said tin. Happily this was not the case and it covered well and dried quickly, hence the second coat.

There was an added bonus using this as well. The deck sections I have painted have an almost planked look by virtue of the grain in the wood so I will need have no fears about the decks appearing as smooth as glass.

I had originally considered painting the ironclads in different shades of grey to better represent the somewhat haphazard iron sourcing problem the South suffered from. I then reasoned that it would be extremely unlikely that the Confederates would ever be organised enough to have more than one or two ironclads in action at any one time and in the same place so having them painted the same and almost uniform in appearance would not matter overmuch.

The plan for tomorrow evening then will be to touch in the edges - those areas where the deck and metalwork join - and then think about the hatches and funnels. the black wash will go on when the flat painting has been finished and then I shall dry brush the metal surface first in a lighter grey and then with a metal colour just to sharpen up the edges.

Assuming I have no bumps along the way then these will be finished at the weekend.

9 down and 41 to go....;-)

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