Saturday 7 May 2011

USS Tuscumbia and Chillicothe - Version 2

USS Tuscumbia and Chillicothe - version 2

No you are not seeing double and no, I have not built another pair of the above ships! the original versions of these were way too tall with paddle boxes that were almost cathedral-like in their dimensions. I had looked at this models with growing dissatisfaction until at last I took the decision to reduce the height by a fraction. The task was actually quite simple as all I had to do was to remove the gun ports and then take off the entire plastic roof section. the exposed wooden hull was then sawn right across the model's cross section and then the roof was reattached. There were a few heart-stopping moments but all in all it was fairly straightforward and the end result looks far better and in proportion. the picture above is of the new version whilst the one below is of the original for comparison.

USS Tuscumbia and Chillicothe - version 1. Note the huge paddle boxes.

I have absolutely no intention to 'tweak' any other of the models I have built but these two were in dire need of some attention. Proportionally they look so much better in their new rig and so another modelling itch has been well and truly scratched!

The two stern wheelers should be finished over the weekend - the only difficulty I am having is in finding a suitable bracket to mount the wheel to. Once this has been overcome they will be ready. I am hoping that a simple solution can be found which can be easily replicated as I think I shall be needing to make a few of this type of vessel. Fortunately, they are far easier to make than side wheelers.


Peter Douglas said...


You're a braver man than I..


David Crook said...

Hi Peter,

I did the modelling equivalent of a mental swallow when I took the saw in hand but I certainly don't regret doing so! The stern wheelers are proving a little more taxing though!

All the best,


David Manley said...

The new versions look much better. Welll worth the effort. Did Screwfix help with the sternwhhelers? I'm intrigued to see the outcome!

David Crook said...

Hi DM,

I wanted the Tuscumbia to have that squat look and the original model just did not work. It was drastic action but it has worked out OK in the end. Phew!

The wooden dowels are absolutely fine but I am having problems trying to find a good way of mounting the wheel. We shall overcome though!

All the best,