Thursday 26 May 2011

Going in at halftime a goal down....ACW Painting Part 11

I managed to tackle some of the tidying up on the city class gunboats, Essex and Benton, but was not able to make as much progress as I would have liked. The painting schedule for this week has been slightly unhinged, in part due to external events but also because I have felt absolutely exhausted over the last few days. I think my constitution is going into holiday mode early and coupled with a lack of sleep has meant that by the time I am home in the evening from work I am just about fit to potter about and little else.

Still, on the plus side, the models are fairly well advanced and a couple of nights effort should see them finished off so all is not lost. The tidying up does not usually take long to do but it is easier if you are in the right frame of mind as rushing it only prolongs the process - in effect you can end up having to tidy up the tidying up! They are shaping up very nicely and I am especially pleased with the Benton and Essex - the former because she is a great slab of a model (she looks like a City class on steroids!) and the latter because of the curved rear casemate which was easier to make than I thought it would be!

I have the funnel band colours for the City class sorted out and this will the last part of the painting process - they would have been washed, dry brushed, varnished and based before I tackle them - once I have returned from my holiday.

So although I am behind at halftime there is still everything to play for and the plan to finish all 50 models by the end of June is still in place - as this is the final I also have the luxury of extra time and even penalties should the need arise!

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