Tuesday 24 May 2011

'Something Wicked This Way Comes'....ACW Painting Part 10

After a frenzy of effort the seven Union city class ironclad gunboats, the Essex and the Benton are now at the tidying up stage. This is where I go over the edges neatly to get the definition much sharper. The only thing that has yet to painted is the funnel bands and I shall be tackling those last of all - simply because I want the colours nice and bright. I have chosen a dark grey (Humbrol Matt 79) for the iron work - this is based on a recommendation from Chris Hardman and is the closest colour I can find to a German WW2 panzer grey. This will be black washed and then the dry brushed with Games Workshop Bolt Gun Metal which will help to bring out the edges so that they look metal.

I should have these ready by close of play Wednesday evening but am unsure about whether or not the funnel bands will be done simply because they will be fiddly to undertake - messing about with masking tape etc. In any event, by the time I return from holiday (volcanic ash cloud permitting that is) they will need very little work to get then finished which means I shall then be able to tackle the assorted gunboats and rams forming the remaining 32 models.

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