Monday 16 May 2011

The Great Ironclad Paint Fest....ACW Painting Part 2

I shall be keeping a running commentary going on the progress of the ACW collection painting project which will be numbered in parts so should this not be of interest - look away! Seriously though, it helps me to maintain the momentum of the undertaking by noting my progress (or lack of!) on the blog.

This morning, I managed to get up at 5am (you know the scenario, you wake up prior to the alarm going off and it is fairly pointless rolling and going back to sleep again) and so I took a look at how the first stage of the Confederate casemate ironclads had dried out. Unsurprisingly for a twenty year old tin of Humbrol enamel the finish was slightly 'oily' in places. With any new tin of Humbrol I always shake the tin and stir the paint and shake the tin again for what seems like an age but it always happens that you get the 'oily' finish. I was expecting this and in truth had allowed for it and so I gave the models a second coat this morning with the spare half and hour I had. The paint is now fine and will be so until it dries out or is used up. An old wargaming friend of mine used to open his new tins of Humbrol and leave them overnight in order to allow some of the oil to evaporate off but I have never bothered with this.

Applying the second coat has also served to disguise some the wood grain at the bow and stern which is always useful. My plan for this evening is to paint the decks. This will be the first rough coat and so I expect to be giving it a second coat in the morning before 'tidying up' the edges. All being well I will have all nine of these finished by the weekend and pictures will of course follow when ready.

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