Wednesday 10 August 2011

63mm x 21mm x 12mm Deep

The title of this post refers to the size of the new blocks I shall be using and that were recently acquired from the Works in Basildon. As they are larger than the previously illustrated set it meant that I needed to spend some time resizing the existing labels to fit. This was not a success as the increase in dimensions distorted the 'pixilation' of the diagonal lines so it was easier to redraw the blocks to the new size and line them accordingly. I was able to do this easily enough and so I also took the opportunity to align the labels on the page so that it would make cutting them out far simpler and quicker. Further to this, I added another couple of colours to the Paint Palette - Khaki and Olive Green. I am now well set in terms of national colour schemes and so the detailed planning of exactly what I want to fight can now begin.
The one dilemma I am currently facing though, is in connection with unit symbols I am using. Normal infantry and cavalry are easy enough but what about artillery and 20th century types - armour, mechanised/motorised troops, mortars, anti tank guns, mgs etc? I am torn between using the standard military map symbols for these or to use a stylised image of the unit in question. Luckily for the immediate scope of the project this is not a major problem but I will need to address it in due course for any late WW1 or WW2 actions.
At this stage the plan is for the first set to be for the ACW - mainly because this will serve as a kick start to the stalled riverine fleets currently lurking forlornly in boxes and on the paint tray. After that will be the Balkans armies and all that goes with them.
Mention of the Balkan armies brings me rather circuitously to the matter of naval affairs in the Mediterranean during the early 20th century. I have managed to source a copy of the defunct magazine The Boardgamer with an article outlining the details ships used in the Med during WW1 for the Jutland game. This is the only other article I know of covering this game outside of those published in the Avalon Hill General so is most welcome. This will enable me to finalise the Jutlandised naval rules I have been working on.
Finally, last but not least, a very big thank you to Steve Cady (of Castles of Tin fame) for the scans he kindly sent me - they are greatly appreciated and will certainly find much use!


SteelonSand said...

Great to hear about all the progress - as to the 'machinery' shapes to go on the block labels - my vote would be for the stylised image - the professional standard symbols would be more authentic, but might be a bit obtuse and difficult to interpret for the average viewer?

David Crook said...

Hi SoS,

I must confess that I am leaning towards the stylised images for the very reasons you mention - I intend having a play with some ideas over the weekend.

All the best,