Friday 5 August 2011

Block Around The Clock

Further experimentation with the block labels - both last night and early this morning (whilst nursing an injured cat I might add!) - has given me a useful idea. Within Microsoft Paint is the facility to resize images. The big bonus of this (and as usual I only discovered this AFTER I had drawn up my test sheet!) is that you are able to design images in a large scale (which makes them easier and more accurate) and then shrink them to the required size. I intend using this technique in the fullness of time for more complex unit symbols and also for ship details - turrets, funnels and sundry other naval miscellany.
I was able to produce a stylised cannon for use as an artillery symbol - in the style of the maps in The Campaigns of Napoleon - which looks OK although it could be a little lighter as the lines are slightly on the thick side. It is not perfect so I will probably fine tune it over the weekend.
I also took the opportunity to orientate the sheet itself - it is now on a portrait format with the units adjusted accordingly and as a result I can now fit more units on the page. I am on the hunt for labels today and so will be sawing, cutting and sticking over the weekend with pictures etc to follow in due course.
Still haven't given the rules any serious thought though!

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